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These toys that present dangers

Warning dangerous toys! The Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF) recently published his investigation on toys marketed in France. However, according to the DGCCRF report, nearly 15% of the toys checked posed a risk to children.

The DGCCRF checks the toy sector every year to ensure that they present no risk to the health and safety of children and to verify that the consumer is properly informed.

The survey, carried out in 2020, gave rise to just over 1,770 checks and involved nearly 14,000 references. Of approximately 1,570 physical establishments and online sales sites checked, more than 18% had at least one visual anomaly. The DGCCRF investigators also took 520 toys for analysis and 15% of these were declared “non-compliant” and withdrawn from the market. While worrying, this rate is within the average for the past two years.

According to the DGCCRF study, the most frequent visual non-conformities are “defective plush seams”, or too easy access to padding or small items that are easily ingested by children.

100,000 products removed from shelves and destroyed

The investigators also noted the frequent absence of regulatory markings such as the CE marking which attests to compliance with the essential regulatory safety requirements or the specific warnings for water toys and certain activity toys.

Other non-compliant elements identified by the DGCCRF, many safety warnings in the user manuals and instruction manuals are not available in French, which contributes to increasing the risk of accidents for children.

At the end of the investigation, some 100,000 products were removed from the shelves and destroyed. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that the DGCCRF is not in a position to control all the batches of toys marketed in France, which makes this report all the more worrying.

Like many others, the toy sector has been impacted by the health crisis, with retail businesses closed for several extended periods. Many distributors have adapted by creating or developing their online sales activity in order to offset all or part of the expected financial losses. The DGCCRF investigators indicate that they have taken all of these developments into account during their checks and reinforced their investigations into online sales.


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