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These salad bags should not be eaten, as they contain too many pesticides

Be careful if you have salad bags in your fridge. The site indicates that several brands and large distributors are recalling batches because they contain too many pesticides. The Belle France brand initially recalls “lettuce hearts” packaged in 200g sachets with the following barcode: 3258561449883, and batch number 221600007 with a use-by date (DLC) set at 06/19/2022.

The brand also recalls “oak leaves” in 125g sachets with barcode 3258561449869 but different batch numbers. These are the lots: 221620117 / 221640192 / 221650030 / 221660047. The DLC is fixed between June 19 and 23, 2022.

These sachets of salads are being recalled in supermarkets: G20, Diagonal, Sitis, Coccinelle, Cocci Market, Rapid Market, Panier Sympa, etc.

For its part, Intermarché is recalling batches of “oak leaves” in 125g sachets of the Saint Eloi brand. The affected barcode is 3250392552480 and the lots are as follows: BD54/ BD55; BE55; BF54/BF55; BG55; KG30/KG34. Their DLC runs from June 21 to June 26, 2022.

Intermarché recalls the same salads, but marked this time Netto with barcode 3250393088162 and batch numbers: BD55; BE55; BF55; BG55.

Leclerc is recalling Marque Repère branded salads, distributed by Notre Jardin. It is “lettuce hearts” and “sweet mixed lettuce hearts” in 200g sachets. The first barcode affected is 3564700179376 (followed by 06), with batch number BG55. The second: 3564700179376, with batch number BG53. And the third: 3564700993675, batch number BE53.

Similarly, Lidl is recalling “oak leaves” in Saladinettes bag. Again, a barcode is concerned, the 4052917309765. But several lots: 221620330, 221640037, 221640531, 221660377, 221650010, 221660026, 221670047, 121670130, with a DLC between June 220 and 22

Still at Lidl, and still the same brand, “lettuce hearts”with barcode 4052917309758 and lots 221600542 and 221600023.

The checks revealed a chlorpyrifos content above the limit authorized by European regulations, or phytosanitary residues. You are asked not to consume them and bring them back to the store.


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