Home Sports These Hardik Pandya figures will add to the tension of Rohit Sharma

These Hardik Pandya figures will add to the tension of Rohit Sharma

These Hardik Pandya figures will add to the tension of Rohit Sharma

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Hardik Pandya scored just one fifty in last 10 ODIs

The Indian cricket team has already started preparations for their World Cup 2023. In such a situation, many flaws are also coming to light. In the current ODI series against the West Indies, where also in the opener, captain Rohit Sharma tested the rest of the batsmen by not lining up himself or Virat Kohli. And in the second ODI rested the captain Rohit and the backbone of the team, Virat Kohli. In this match too, once again, the India team’s batting came to the fore as a matter of concern. Where Shubman Gill’s continued poor form added to the team’s tension. At the same time, the team’s vice-captain Hardik Pandya, who is also captain in this match, his batting figures have also become a matter of concern for the team.

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It is the year of the World Cup and the final squad of the team will be announced in a few days. In such a situation, expectations are raised for Hardik Pandya, who is the vice-captain and star of the team. Hardik has looked good as a bowler in recent matches but his performance as a batsman has come into question. He is often seen hitting different positions for the team. He is considered an important link in the middle order. He has scored just half a century in 9 innings of the last 10 ODIs. His best score has been 54 runs.

Image source: AP
Hardik Pandya

These Hardik figures will increase the tension

Hardik Pandya has scored just 210 runs in 9 innings of the last 10 matches. 54 runs has been his best score. The last half century of his came against New Zealand this year. After that, he was also seen wrestling with the bat in the Australian series. Now against West Indies he too scored just 5 and 7 runs in the first two ODIs. Speaking of bowling, he has bowled just 23 overs in the last five ODIs and has 6 wickets. That is to say, neither in batting nor in bowling, the best of him has not come out in any department. This may turn out to be quite a challenge for the India team some two months before the World Cup.

Hardik Pandya is being seen as the future captain of the India team. The physical condition of him is also often questioned. If his form continues like this, he will be a huge negative for the India team in terms of playing in the World Cup. The Indian team has not won any ICC trophy since 2013. This year the ODI World Cup is in India, so the expectations of the Indian fans had risen. But the unplanned strategy of Hardik Pandya and Team India has raised doubts about this expectation for the time being.

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