These fruits sold by Tesco cannot be eaten by vegans

The British supermarket chain Tesco is currently at the heart of a controversy over the citrus fruits it sells in its stores, reports an article by The Telegraph relayed by Slate. Vegans and vegans have indeed discovered that they cannot consume these fruits because beeswax is used to preserve them longer.

animal products

This product is applied to the skin of oranges, lemons and limes. People who have adopted this mode of consumption cannot therefore use the zest of these citrus fruits for cooking. Furthermore, if the flesh of the fruit remains edible, ethically, vegans and vegans may not wish to buy fruit on which animal products have been used.

Especially since the wax may also contain shellac, a product resulting from the secretion of Asian scale insects found in Indian and Thai forests. Some supermarkets and restaurants have reacted for several years in order, at the very least, to inform vegans. It is therefore advisable for these people to turn to the organic department.

Contacted, the Tesco company confirmed this information on Sunday. She said she is currently looking for an alternative to using beeswax.

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