These films had not one but two breaks, one being a box office hit and the other being in very poor condition.

Nowadays in Bollywood the timing of films is getting shorter but there was a time when long films were made. The story of the film was brilliantly portrayed. These films were so spectacular that people didn’t leave their seats. Raj Kapoor had made the longest films. These include Awara and Shri 420. It was Raj Kapoor who brought the concept of making feature-length films to the industry. Aside from making feature-length films, he was the only director whose films had not one but two breaks. Yes, Raj Kapoor had done two films in which there were two breaks.

Raj Kapoor’s two films with two breaks were Sangam and Mera Naam Joker. Sangam proved to be a hit at the box office but Mera Naam Joker turned out to be a flop. Raj Kapoor lost all his money because of this film.

Raj Kapoor had directed the film Sangam. Vyjayanthimala, Raj Kapoor and Rajendra Kumar were seen in the lead roles in this film. This film was 4 hours long, which is why it included two breaks. This film achieved record-breaking box office revenue. In 1964, this film had a worldwide collection of Rs 8 million.

After the blockbuster Sangam, Raj Kapoor did his dream project Mera Naam Joker. This film was also very long, which is why it contained two breaks. But Raj Kapoor’s dream project failed. This film of his turned out to be a flop. Raj Kapoor was in shock after the flop of Mera Naam Joker. Although this film is included in the list of cult classics.

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After Mera Naam Joker, Raj Kapoor drowned in debt. He had spent all his money making this film.

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