These are the news for Android to arrive in January according to Google

The New Year begins with an update available for Google for all devices android. In question is the patch January 2023, the first of this year that now offers us news for our mobile devices.

From now on, it will be up to the manufacturers to start delivering this same security update to our Android tablets and smartphones. This in order to guarantee the security of our data and the correct functioning of the equipment.

Google has already released a new security patch in 2023


First of all, we have its arrival on the equipment of the Google Pixel line, something natural considering that Google itself is coordinating these updates. However, very soon it will also reach the terminals of other manufacturers.

The technical sheet of this Android update reports on several fixes for vulnerabilities detected during the last month of December. Since then, Google has worked to fill them in with fixes compiled into the new patch.

It should be noted that the details of the threats found were disclosed by Google in its page android officer. There we see the different security flaws that were present in the platform and that, however, were discovered by the company.

The January 2023 Update is available to download for Google Pixel smartphones from the fourth generation of Pixels. Unfortunately, the generation launched in 2016 by Google will no longer receive updates, not even security, so the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 terminals are left out of the list of chosen smartphones.

January update fixes security issues on Android

It should be noted that the update can be done manually for a large number of compatible Android smartphones. To do this, all you have to do is access the Google page, consult the Security Bulletins and browse the different brands covered.

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You will find manufacturers like Samsung, OPPO, OnePlus, vivo, Nokia, Motorola, LG, Huawei and of course Google itself. The user will be able to install the file OTA (over the air) manually, with relative ease after finding their specific model.

In addition, in the security bulletins we can consult all the vulnerabilities detected and, since then, corrected by North American technology.

Security bulletins are now available thanks to the work of Google

As reported by Google itself, the fixes listed in the public bulletin come from several different sources: the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), the upstream Linux kernel, and system-on-chip (SOC) manufacturers.

For device manufacturers:

  • Fixes for the Android platform are incorporated into the AOSP 24-48 hours after the security bulletin is released and can be obtained directly from there.
  • Upstream Linux kernel fixes link directly to the bulletin at release and can be obtained from it.
  • SOC manufacturer fixes are available directly from the manufacturers.

For those who prefer to wait a few more weeks or months, the manufacturers should send these fixes via OTA from now on. However, you can always make your own manual installationmainly for Nexus and Pixel devices.

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