These are the best moments of Tecate Pal’ Norte 2024

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Tecate Pal’ Norte 2024 has already begun and here we leave you the moments that made the festival unforgettable in this year’s edition.

Finally! After weeks of waiting and with the hat – also sunscreen – well on, This Friday, March 29th, Tecate Pal’ Norte 2024 finally begins. one of our country’s largest music festivals and will bring us several top-class artists and bands this year.

Tecate Pal’ Norte will bring us headliners of this caliber Blink-182, Keane, 30 Seconds To Mars, Imagine Dragons, Placebo and other artists who will bring us three days of music at Fundidora Park in Monterrey.

These are the best moments of Tecate Pal' Norte 2024
In 2024 we will see another edition of the royal festival. Photo: Tecate Pal’ Norte.

Here we tell you the most beautiful moments at the royal festival

And in addition to the talent announcement: Tecate Pal’ Norte It is a festival that always thinks about the experience of its visitors. Something they do with activities like surprise performances and even details like the giant screens that will be on the main stage in 2024.

Of course, we had to set out this year to bring you the details of the 2024 edition of the festival Here we tell you about the things that surprised us about Tecate Pal’ Norte and they became the best moments of the music festival.

Day 1 of Tecate Pa’l Norte 2024

These are the prices for having fun and buying merch

And because we felt like having a cool drink in the royal heat, we took a look around to see what the drink prices were going to be like. There are chelitas for $150 and $160 pesos, prepared spirits (tequila, brandy, etc.) for $350. and snacks cost between $10 and $60 pesos.

If you want merch, there are flip flops, fanny packs, stickers, notebooks, towels, thermoses, coolers, watches, hats, bracelets, backpacks, t-shirts and even grills They range from 40 to 3000 pesos. Check out Tecate Pa’l Norte prices here.

It’s always great to see The Vaccines

To begin the first day’s activities Tecate Pa’l Norte, we couldn’t have had a better band on stage than The Vaccineswho welcomed the fans who, despite the consolation at Fundidora Park, had already gathered at the Tecate Light stage.

“We are very happy to finally be in this place, we really aresaid a very excited Justin Young to the audience, who greeted them with loud cheers “Vaccines, vaccines”between pennants and even a guy dressed as Pikachu who managed to sneak forward.

Roles like “Nightclub,” “Teenage Icon,” “Post Break-up Sex,” and “I Always Knew.” Of course, they couldn’t be missing from this set, and we sincerely wish it had lasted a little longer.

Elsa Y Elmar promotes inclusion in her presentation at Tecate Pa’l Norte 2024

The sun was still beating down on Fundidora Park and it seemed like the perfect time for observing Elsa and Elmar, who have completely made Tecate Pa’l Norte’s Tecate Original stage their own.

Even though it was still a little early, the Colombian artist (one of the most important in Latin America at the moment) He managed to bring together a large number of people to give us a talk that took us through different moods, from sadness due to heartbreak to feeling happy about being ourselves.

Elsa put on a show that had everything from songs like “Lovers and Friends,” “Nobody Goes,” “Loose Hair,” “How It Ends,” “Night Eyes,” and “Atravesao.” but also one or two rarities for real fans such as “Words and Looks” and “Making Records”.

Needless to say, the Colombian (almost Mexican) gave herself completely and interpreted each of her songs with her voice and her dance. In addition, he interacts well with his audience, They tell very strange anecdotes behind their songs and give them encouraging messages (He even gave his pen to a fan even though he tried to break it there.)

Finally, Elsa and Elmar sat down “Between the Legs,” where she invited all women to sing the chorus and unite for the same feeling. Although we think she may have lacked time, Elsa y Elmar delivered a very comprehensive presentation at Tecate Pa’l Norte 2024, showing once again why she is one of the most raffled artists on the current scene.

Belanova had special guests when she returned to Monterrey

This wasn’t a secret to anyone Belanova was one of the most anticipated acts of Tecate Pa’l Norte 2024 And of course they didn’t disappoint at all, as we dare say they delivered one of the best presentations of the first day of the festival.

The Mexican band took the Tecate Light stage and left everyone with their mouths open, because at the beginning they had as their special guest none other than Danna Paola, with whom they sang “I Wonder”..

The nostalgia was very much felt during Belanova’s presentation as she released hits from virtually her entire career, from ““Your Eyes”, “Child”, “Every Time…”, “I Won’t Die”, “For You”, “Dance My Heart” and “One, Two, Three, Go!” with which they took a short but perfect tour through their discography.

At the end of her set, Belanova left us with another square look. Denise ordered a beer to celebrate her arrival Tecate Pa’l Norte 2024 and dressed as an ice cube tray, Jay De la Cueva appeared and hung up his guitar to play “Rosa pastel”. with the Guadalajara group… and you can imagine how it turned out. A different level finish to a presentation that many were looking forward to.

Keane made Tecate Pa’l Norte nostalgic with the 20 years of Hopes And Fears

There are albums that definitely shape our lives. And in Tecate Pa’l Norte 2024 We confirm that the Hopes and fears by Keane is one of them, as the band completely filled the Tecate Light stage for fShare with the Mexican audience the 20 years of this great album.

Since Tom Chaplin, Tim Oxley-Rice and Richard Hughes took the stage, something told us that a journey full of nostalgia and melancholy was about to take place, and it was. Well, the British reminded us of the time when we were happy (and we didn’t know it) and their debut album musicalized a part of our youth.

One of the things that caught our attention the most about Keane’s show at Tecate was Pa’l Norte We didn’t know what order they would play the album in because the band’s frontman told us that they wouldn’t play it as is, from start to finish. In the end they did something very interesting because they put together a setlist combining the songs from this album with songs from other albums.

To check how it went, in their presentation they played songs like “Silenced By The Night”, “Bend and Break”, “The Way I Feel”, “You Are Young”, “Spiralling”, “Nothing In My Way”. “. ““BedShaped,” “This Is The Last Time,” and “Is It Any Wonder?”.

However, the special moment of Keane’s show at Tecate Pa’l Norte 2024 was when they played the combo “Everybody’s Changing” and “Somewhere Only We Know”, where everyone present sang these classics with all their hearts. We also saw one or two people shed tears. The matter is very emotional.

“We come from a very small place and our dream was always to play in other places in the world like Monterrey, Thank you for welcoming us with so much love and affection. Thank you, Monterrey“, mentioned the frontman of the British band before finishing his speech that made us happy.

Well, the first day left us with a bitter pill the cancellation of Kendrick Lamar For reasons unrelated to the festival (the kendrick was stained, the net), but day two looks like a good time at Tecate Pal Norte 2024. And yes, this Saturday, March 30th, it’s time to witness the return of Blink-182 to Mexico.

We went there to play a role and we even talked to some fans who told us about it What do you miss most about the days of Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker They were at the top of the industry.

Clubz is always a guarantee (and they’ve even brought guests)

The second day of Tecate Pa’l Norte 2024 started it all when Clubz hit the Tecate Light stage to throw a party and make us want to switch off the forbidden ones with their infectious pop/funk.

The royal duo consisting of Orlando Fernandez and Coco Santos They have been doing interesting things in our country’s alternative scene for a long time and of course also shine live. However, for their presentation at Parque Fundidora, on their land and with their people, they took their performance to the next level, being one of the few artists who took advantage of the immensity of the stage by projecting very cool visuals.

To start, Clubz had a few special guests while they played “Modern cuts” with NSQK and “Nagano” with María de Disco Bahía. But they also brought a few raffle mashups, mixing “Discomanía” with “Tarot” by Bad Bunny and “Palmeras” with “Baliando” by Paradisio, which were great live.

To close with a flourish, Orlando and Coco brought Girl Ultra to the stage with whom they performed “Súper Visión.” and of course they surprised the public. Clubz was definitely a great performance to warm up the engines on day two of Tecate Pa’l Norte 2024.

And the first surprise act on Saturday was… Capital Cities

The American duo showed up and gave us a short but cool show where they only played three songs “Safe and Sound” and “Kangaroo Court” which of course hit Fundidora Park.

Although that was the only surprise they gave us, Well, Capital Cities has announced that it will return to Mexico next year. How are you doing? Did the third surprise act of Tecate Pa’l Norte 2024 beat you?


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