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These are the 5 plants that will bring happiness to your home

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The presence of plants in our environment can stimulate and promote economic prosperity as their natural beauty and ability to purify the air can create an environment conducive to productivity and financial prosperity.

There is nothing quite like adding a touch of nature to our home. Plants are ideal allies to achieve this. Not only do they create quiet spaces in our home, they also help us to relax and feel good. In addition, they bring a sense of peace and happiness around.

It is believed that certain plants can attract money and prosperity. These plants are considered magnetic abundance amulets that help us bring them closer to our lives.

Plants can be present in different spaces, be it in the garden, on the balcony, in different environments and even in the office. Although location is not relevant, it is important to understand the unseen and energetic power attributed to plants.

1- The plant of the coin

The coin factory Portulacaria afra, It is very popular and easy to find in nurseries. According to tradition, this plant brings good luck to those who keep and care for it at home. It is said that having it at home attracts money and promises good luck.

Placing it in a corner of our home or workspace means we will never be short of those positive things.

It is very easy to propagate in segments and can be grown as a bonsai.

2- Mother of Pearl

mother of pearl, Graptopetalum paraguayense, It is also known as the “silver plant” and is originally from Mexico. Its fleshy leaves have a pointed end and are distinguished by their silvery, sometimes slightly pink color.

This plant is excellent for decorating gardens and balconies, but it also fits very well indoors. However, it is important to remember that it requires ample light and moderate watering.

The mother of pearl is a plant much appreciated for its beauty and also associated with wealth and abundance. If you want to add a special touch to your garden or interior, you should definitely consider adding mother-of-pearl to your favorite plants.

Not only is this plant visually appealing, but it is said to bring luck and happiness to those who grow it. Don’t hesitate to give it a prominent place in your plant collection.

It spreads easily by slightly burrowing one of its leaves. In a short time a new plant will sprout.

3- Pilea

This plant is known as the “Chinese lucky plant”. Pilea peperomioides, because of its reputation for attracting economic prosperity. Its beautiful green color makes it very photogenic, which is why social network lovers are delighted with it. Having this plant in our home is also considered a symbol of good luck and financial success.

This plant does not require much care. It must receive adequate sunlight, but preferably indirect. In addition, it is important to protect it on cold days, since it does not tolerate low temperatures. Frequent watering is required in summer to maintain soil moisture. In winter, however, the required amount of watering should be reduced.

It is possible to grow it only in water, it will take root and this is how new plants will appear.

4- Basil

In Indian culture, basil, Oncinum Basilicum, is highly revered and a sacred character is ascribed to him. It is referred to as “the incomparable”. Since ancient times it has been used for energetic purification both in people and in homes. In addition, their presence is believed to favor economic fluidity.

This aromatic herb is a key element in numerous rituals to attract wealth and money. It is best known for its use in cooking, but it is also essential for many good luck charms.

5- lucky bamboo

Bamboo is a plant known to attract good luck and abundance. Attributes such as strength, longevity, and prosperity are attributed to it, making it a popular choice for those looking to attract positive energies into their home or workplace.

In the context of Feng Shui, it serves to spread positive energy and open up opportunities in the professional field.

Caring for this plant is quite simple. All you need is a location with plenty of light and constant fresh water. So make sure you refresh your water regularly.

There are many other plants associated with good luck, many of which have rounded leaves resembling coins. It comes down to finding the model that best suits your home and your growing needs. And while this might just be a myth, their beauty is worth having at home!

How to take care of your lucky plants

Here we also give you some general tips on how to take care of your plants and get the most out of their benefits.

1. Provide the right amount of light: Every plant has different light requirements. So it’s important to place them in places where they get the right amount of sunlight or artificial light.

2. Water your plants regularly: Make sure you are providing your plants with adequate water according to their specific needs. Avoid both too much and too little water as both can be harmful.

3. Ensure sufficient nutrients: Use natural or special fertilizers for each plant species to ensure healthy growth.

4. Provide Good Soil Drainage: Prevent root rot by providing good soil drainage. This is achieved by using pots with holes in the bottom and placing a layer of rocks or expanded clay in front of the substrate.

5. Clean the leaves regularly: remove dust that has accumulated on the leaves with a damp cloth to allow the plant to better absorb light and air.

Remember that by taking good care of your plants you are not only promoting your personal well-being, but you are also promoting an atmosphere conducive to economic prosperity in your work or business environment.

Cover photo: Crassula ovata

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