The cool thing about bitcoin (BTC) is that you can find all kinds of information about the network on the blockchain. There are analysts who have made it their life’s work to summarize that information in statistics and to predict the price trend of bitcoin on that basis. It works well that way hodl-analyze behavior of certain groups of bitcoiners and predict market bottoms and tops. In addition to being able to analyze the market in this way, we can also monitor the behavior of so-called whales keep an eye on. These are wallets of people or entities that own thousands of bitcoin.

Thanks to the blockchain, we can map very clearly how the world’s greats, based on capital, think about the market. In this we take a closer look at the three largest bitcoin wallets in the world.

The largest bitcoin wallet in the world

The largest bitcoin wallet in the world has a balance of 252,597 bitcoin, which is worth just under $8 billion at current rates. However, this wallet does not belong to a person, but to the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world: Binance. It’s about the coldwallet of Binance where they keep a large part of the customers’ assets in a safe way to prevent any hackers from taking off with billions in bitcoin.

You can access Binance’s wallet that currently contains 1.33 percent of all bitcoin find here

The imposing number two

The number two on the list also belongs to an exchange and this time it is the wallet of Bitfinex. This trading platform has 168,010 bitcoins in their coldwallet for their customers, which at the time of writing is worth $5.4 billion. With this, Bitfinex owns 0.8828 percent of all bitcoin. Funny fact is that many outsiders conclude based on these types of wallets that the distribution of bitcoin is very concentrated. That some wealthy individuals own all bitcoin. Of course, that is not the case, because Binance and Bitfinex together have millions of users.

The Bitfinex wallet is can be found here

The Mysterious Number Three Who Keeps Buying Bitcoin

The number three on the list is perhaps the most interesting wallet in this list. This wallet belongs to a mysterious whale that has already managed to get a total of 126,116 bitcoins. The whale’s wallet is currently worth nearly $4 billion, which means that this person owns 0.6574 percent of all bitcoin. There is a good chance that the person behind this wallet is a rich man that we have all heard of. Figures like Elon Musk or even Vladimir Putin are good contenders to be behind this wallet. We probably never will know for sure. It is striking that, despite the declining price, this wallet has steadily continued to buy bitcoin.

You can see the wallet of this mysterious whale find here.


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