Home Tech These 9 Android apps hide dangerous malware, please uninstall them urgently!

These 9 Android apps hide dangerous malware, please uninstall them urgently!

9 Android apps available from alternative stores contain dangerous malware. Called FlyTrap, this malware is designed to hack users’ Facebook accounts. The malware has claimed 10,000 victims in 140 countries since March 2021. Here is the list of apps to be uninstalled.

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In a survey published on August 9, 2021, computer security company Zimperium warns Android users about alternative app stores to the Play Store. In these alternative stores, seemingly harmless apps hide a formidable malware: FlyTrap. These infected apps also spread on social networks and through other apps, which are offered on the Google Play Store.

“A new Android Trojan called FlyTrap has reached at least 140 countries since March 2021 and has spread to over 10,000 victims”, explains Zimperium on its website. The malware is apparently the product ofa bunch of pirates from vietnam.

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The list of 9 Android apps infected with Flytrap malware

Flytrap is only designed for hack as many facebook accounts as possible. To gain account access, malware collects information such as email address, IP address, smartphone geographic position and connection cookies. With this information in hand, an experienced hacker can use a Facebook account to spread malware to other phones.

Spotted Zimperium 9 Android apps currently spread across the web that contain Flytrap malware. Of course, we invite you to urgently uninstall them if they are present on your smartphone:

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To convince users to install apps that hide Flytrap, hackers proposed Fake Netflix promo codes or Google AdWords promo codes. Once the app is installed, it will prompt the user to connect to their Facebook account.

This is where hackers get their hands on what they want. “While the user logs into their official account, Trojan FlyTrap hijacks session information for malicious purposes ”, warns the company. As always, it is recommended to be careful when downloading an app outside of the Play Store.

Source: Zimperium

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