These 5 Youtubers who have mysteriously disappeared from the networks

Since its creation in 2005, YouTube has grown considerably, becoming a digital giant. The platform has seen the rise of countless videographers who, through their content, have attracted thousands and even millions of subscribers. And if some YouTubers are still around, others have completely evaporated.

Since 2010 he has been one of the headliners of the Minecraft community, the world’s best-selling video game, in France. Every day, TheFantasio974, “974”, the number of the department of Reunion, where he is from, offered humorous videos immersed in the adventure game. All in front of 1.6 million subscribers on his channel.

In 2017, TheFantasio announced his retirement in a still public video on his channel, after seven years of existence, to take care of his family life. His fans can always see his sketches on repeat, with a certain nostalgia.

Also known as Jeff, “The Guy Who Camps” disappeared from YouTube in November 2013. The cameraman, who was filming himself “camping”, a situation that consists of remaining in the same position during a shooting game, never revealed his identity to his 326,000 subscribers, preferring a photo of his dog.

On his channel, Kyle Myers, also known as “Dimitri,” tested dozens of weapons and explosives. But in 2016, when he had 6 million subscribers, he decided to stop without giving a reason.

His actuality then became more murky. In fact, Kyle Myers was arrested for possession of weapons and drugs.

Benoît, aka “Diablox9” was a legend in French-speaking games. The Swiss has more than 253,000,000 million views on his channel, dedicated to video games, more specifically Battlefield and Call of Duty.

Projected to the front of the stage, he even became the first YouTuber specialized in video games to surpass one million subscribers in 2012. However, this notoriety will lead to deep discomfort. In fact, Benoît will suffer greatly from online bullying, while some netizens have accused him of doing a comedy during the death of his father.

The Swiss will try to return to his channel, in vain, the universe he knows and in which he felt comfortable has disappeared. Just like him.

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