These 5 things not to put in the dishwasher

The interest of a dishwasher is no longer to be demonstrated. It saves precious time and thus makes everyday life easier. But be careful, not everything can be washed in this way. Some materials do not support this treatment. Here are 5 things you will need to wash by hand.

Wooden utensils

All wooden utensils do not support the dishwasher. Moisture can actually deteriorate them and change their shape. This is especially the case with cutting boards. They will swell with water during washing. Same recommendation for spatulas even if it is very tempting to do so.

Cast iron dishes

Some major brands specify that their cast iron dishes are dishwasher safe. But to ensure a longer life, it is better to clean them by hand. The risk is to cause the appearance of rust. In addition, the micro-cracks will widen more quickly.

Non-stick pans

Non-stick pans can cook food without oil thanks to a special coating. To decrease its effectiveness, the best way is to wash them regularly in the dishwasher. Of course, doing it by hand (using a brush and not a scraper) is more restrictive. But the lifespan of the stoves will be prolonged.

Crystal glasses

Pure as crystal. In order for this adage to apply for a long time, it is important not to use the dishwasher for your glasses. Their luster may tarnish over time. We will therefore wash them by hand before wiping them with a dry cloth.

Baby bottles

It might be tempting, but no, the bottle is not dishwasher safe. The pacifier part may suffer from prolonged washing at high temperature. In addition, the glass or plastic part is too deep for effective washing. Finally, you should choose the program at 65 ° C, but today dishwashers run with eco programs at a lower temperature.

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