These 5 healthy edible leafy greens

After a trip to the market, we are often tempted to toss the leaves off the vegetables to make more room. Big mistake! Many of the tapas are edible and even healthy.

Also, they can be cooked in all sauces. Be careful not to make a mistake because some vegetables have toxic leaves. Here are 5 that we can use in peace and with a view to zero waste.

Carrot tops are delicious and very easy to cook. With a little cream they will make a delicious soup. And since carrots are part of the same family as parsley, their leaves can be used in chopped form to enhance recipes like salads.

This winter vegetable is as good for its bulb as it is for its branches and leaves. It can be eaten cooked or raw (be careful, its powerful flavor is not to everyone’s liking). Rich in nutrients, its leaves can be cooked, for example, into a delicious pesto.

Radishes, prized for their crunchy texture, often separate from their leaves when cooked. It’s a shame – these are a true concentrate of benefits. They contain vitamins B9 and C, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium … And they are very easy to cook: in soup or in an omelette. We will take care of buying organic radishes to avoid pesticide residues.

The beet greens are quite edible. For proof, there are beet sprouts on the market to serve as a base for a salad. We cook them as if they were spinach. They must first be blanched before putting them in the pan. Note: the stems take longer to cook than the leaves.

Here is a vegetable whose leaves are often neglected. However, the Portuguese are crazy about it. They contain as many minerals as the tuber. They cook them like spinach.

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