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These 40-year-old stars don’t need a partner! Salman’s name also on the list

It is said that it is very important to have a partner in the long journey of life, but there are some Bollywood stars who do not need any partner with them and are living life comfortably alone. The biggest example of this is Jaan Bhaijaan Salman Khan from Bollywood, who enjoys his single life. On this list, see Salman and those single Bollywood stars who are living their lives happily alone.

In the life of Salman Khan, who has turned 55, love struck him many times, but each time his love is half incomplete. Once even Bhaijaan’s wedding cards were printed, but now it seems that Salman Khan has no intention of getting married.

Lady Love Sushmita’s name is also included in this list. Sushmita is also over 40, but it’s still not easy to tell her age by looking at her. Sushmita is living a happy life with her daughters as a single mother. Recently, Sushmita has also confirmed the news of her breakup with Rohman.

Asha Parekh is also on this list. Asha, who dazzled the big screen with her beauty in the 1980s, is still single. He has turned 79 years old. They believe that if you don’t write with someone in your life, it doesn’t mean that your life is incomplete. I have my family and many friends who support me.

Uday, who plays Ishq Ka guitar along with Nargis Fakhri and Shamita Shetty, is also included in the list of most eligible singles. Seeing the ups and downs in the relationship, Uday decided to stay single right away.

Watching TV queen Ekta, it seems like she doesn’t need anyone with her to live the journey of life. Your family is your support system. The allure of Ekta Kapoor is visible everywhere in Bollywood and on television. In such a situation, it would be a bit wrong not to include Ekta in the list of the most eligible singles.


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