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These 10 foods that contain the most protein

Proteins are essential for the body. They participate in particular in the renewal of muscle tissue, hair and nails, the bone matrix, but also the skin. Here are the 5 foods that contain the most.

The egg

It is arguably one of the best sources of protein. If the yolk has more than the white, we should avoid abusing it given its cholesterol content. Athletes, in case of intensive training, do not hesitate to eat a lot of egg whites.


Cheeses are very high in protein, but some are more so than others. At the top of the ranking, we find Parmesan. It may contain in particular up to 36% protein. It can therefore be abused in any way.


We can no longer count the benefits of fish. In terms of proteins, it is especially tuna that is interesting. It is eaten as well in salads as snacked on the plancha. With a little soy sauce, it’s delicious.

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White poultry meat contains a lot of protein. But that’s not their only interest. They also contain lipids and little cholesterol.


Vegetarians know it: soy is an excellent ally for a meatless diet. In the form of tofu for example, soybeans represent a very important protein intake. Note: it is better to favor organic soybeans.

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Peanuts are known to be very high protein. According to ANSES, a 100 g portion contains 27.3 g of protein. To enjoy its benefits, avoid eating it grilled or salted. Moreover, many people suffer from peanut allergies.


Like chickpeas and kidney beans, these legumes are popular with most vegetarians. Lentils are rich in vegetable protein and are therefore a good alternative to meat. They can be associated with cereal products such as oats, millet or rye.

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White cheese

With an average content of 8g per 100g, cottage cheeses are excellent sources of protein. It is therefore consumed to fill small hunger pangs or to start the day for breakfast by adding, for example, muesli.

The almonds

In addition to calcium, and like all oil fruits, almonds contain vitamin E. Nutritionists recommend eating a small handful in the morning. Rich in protein, it should not be overused. French production is to be preferred but rarer and therefore more expensive.


The Japanese are very fond of it, especially at the time of the aperitif. Edamame are bright green soy beans with a firm, melting texture. They can be eaten all day long for their nutritional value: a 100 g serving contains 11 g of protein.

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