There will be no renewal of Saudi residence, there will be no exit or exit, big news has come

Riyadh: The Saudi Passport Department has categorically said that if the challan is not paid for any kind of violation, then the residence will be renewed and visa will not be issued.

According to the details, the Department of Passport and Immigration (Licensing) of the state clarified that if there is a traffic violation or any other type of challan etc. registered against the foreign employees, then until the fine is paid or the violation is stopped. Residence cannot be renewed.

The licenses also said that the final exit of such workers could not be imposed unless the violations against them were stopped.

Saudi Arabia: Employees in big trouble

The Passport Department instructed that in order to exit the bath, it is also necessary that if the bill of any kind of services in the name of the worker, including telephone, electricity or mobile phone, etc., in addition to the vehicle in his name. In case of exit bath ie final exit cannot be applied.

Therefore, while living in the country, care should be taken not to commit any kind of legal violation.


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