There is no ‘Torres case’ for Atleti … but it will be denounced

Atlético tries to settle the conflict around Fernando Torres, who will act as assistant coach for Atletico Juvenil A. In the face of threats to report Miguel Galán, president of CENAFE, because understands that El Niño does not yet have the necessary qualification to be the Youth coach, the club has released a statement explaining that they conform to the regulation and he answers those who he considers attacking Atlético and the former player. Galán, however, warns that it is a similar ruse to when Zidane began to train Castilla and he insists that he will denounce.

A) Yes, Atlético clarifies that Fernando Torres is the team’s second coach, accompanying Roberto Ortega. This Sunday the competition gets underway in a big way, with a derby against Real Madrid. “Torres’ license as an assistant coach has been processed following the administrative procedure established by the Royal Spanish Football Federation and complying with current regulations in accordance with the federative title currently held by the former player and Legend of our club. At no time has Fernando Torres’ license as head coach been requested or processed “, explains Atlético. towers holds the UEFA ‘A title‘, and can be an assistant coach. To be the owner you need level 3, for which you are preparing.

The club adds on the other hand, in relation to the task that Torres will perform and everything related to the ex-footballer: “There is no federative rule that prevents a second coach from giving instructions during a training session or a game or that disables him from attending the media.”

“Club Atlético de Madrid has acted in good faith at all times. To this we must add that it is evident that an emblematic figure for our institution and for world football such as Fernando Torres is destined to have more prominence, regardless the type of federative record that corresponds to him, as it is an intrinsic condition of his figure and of the leadership that Fernando has always exercised since he began his career as a footballer.

Likewise, it is the firm will of the club – when considering the unique opportunity that the Academy players have to have a reference like Fernando Torres within their coaching staff – that Fernando can express and transmit to the maximum all his knowledge and experience through the value this has for the personal training and professional growth of the youngest, and do not see your possibilities limited by your condition of assistant coach with respect to the starter.

It is evident that the figure of Fernando Torres draws the interest of national and international media, of Atletico fans and football lovers. It is precisely this global impact that our Legend projects that attracts those who seek prominence out of pure personal interest. “

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