There is already an Airtag for dogs that works with Apple’s Find network

Most devices that work with the Apple Find network are Apple’s own products. We are talking about iPhones, iPads, AirTags, etc.

However, if you want something that can help you track your pet’s location and take advantage of the Find Network, you’re in luck.

Instead of putting an AirTag on your pet’s collar, a company called PetSmart created the YIP smart tag. It is basically a tracking device designed for pets.

It looks like a normal pet tag on which you can even engrave your pet’s name, but it comes with smart features like using Network Search.

The Find network takes advantage of the fact that Apple products are pretty much everywhere, so when a device comes into contact with another that has been listed as missing, it helps to locate the owner.

The problem is that pets can move too fast for nearby devices to find them, which is why Apple doesn’t list the pet’s location as using AirTags.

The device is on sale for $34.99 at petsmart. withbut at the moment we have no information on whether it will be for sale in our country.

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