There is a shortage of petrol in Britain

London: The shortage of oil tanker drivers has led to a shortage of petrol in the UK.

According to details, several petrol stations of BP and ESO have been temporarily closed after running out of petrol.

Officials say there is no shortage of petrol in the UK, but the shortage of petrol at petrol stations is due to problems with the delivery of fuel from distribution terminals.

According to media reports, after the shortage of petrol, the drivers have started filling the tanks of the vehicles in panic, and long queues of vehicles have formed outside the petrol stations.

Transport Secretary Grant Shepps said in a statement Thursday that the military could be called in to operate fuel tankers to control the situation.

Regarding the shortage of petrol, media reports said that the situation has been aggravated by the Corona epidemic and Bridget. Some ministers have suggested the government to issue temporary visas to drivers from European countries.

After the shortage at the stations, BP and ESO also issued warning notices to consumers to be vigilant due to shortage of petrol and diesel at some of their stations.

The transport secretary denied that the shortage of lorry drivers in Britain was not due to Briggs, adding that secession from the European Union had helped the government solve its problems.


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