“There is a persecution of Vinicius”

When the history of this League is written, Vinicius will involuntarily occupy an extensive chapter that reached its peak yesterday Sunday at Mestalla. The Brazilian, victim of racist insults again, ended up expelled. The situation, larvae throughout the season, has ended up exhausting the patience of the whites. Ancelotti, the dressing room and the club close ranks around the player before what they already considerthey were a persecution of Vinicius. He explained it himself technical: “The reaction that Vinicius has is quite normal and I personally, the club and my teammates support him in everything”. And they focus on the laxity of the referees and the inaction of the sports authorities. They think that the situation that was experienced in Valencia is the product of not having repressed and intervened on previous occasions in which opponents and rival fans have targeted the Brazilian.

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The sentiment of the white squad and the public demonstrations go in that direction. “It’s time to stop talking and act forcefully,” Ancelotti wrote on his Twitter a couple of hours after the game ended. The coach, who has always been emphatic in defending Vinicius against racist insults, was especially harsh in his first two hot interventions: in the flash interview before the microphones of Movistar LaLiga TV and at a press conference. “I have to remove a player if he doesn’t play well, but thinking about removing him for racism has never happened to me.. What happened today (for sunday) has happened other times, but not like this. Not that way. It is unacceptable”.

The Madrid coach left another revealing phrase of the feeling of the locker room: “They insult Vinicius all the time and then they show him the red card.” Those words collect the feeling of the team that the referees have ended up ‘contaminated’ by this atmosphere of persecution (they use the term ‘escrache’, even) towards Vinicius that is generated in the stadiums. The stands press and the referees somatize that animosity. They are more rigorous when they have to penalize Vinicius than with the fouls that the Brazilian constantly receives. It happened in Mestalla, where the brawl that broke out in the addition ended, through VAR, with expulsion only for Vinicius. From the VOR room they only showed De Burgos Bengoetxea the moment in which the Brazilian slapped Hugo Duro and not the complete sequencein which it is seen how previously the striker who has grabbed Vinicius by the neck for several seconds until the white player manages to get free and reacts by trying to get rid of the Valencian player with the slap that cost him the red.

Vinicius is grabbed by Maffeo in a play of Mallorca-Real Madrid played in February.
Vinicius is grabbed by Maffeo in a play of Mallorca-Real Madrid played in February.JOHN MEDINAREUTERS

What happened in Mestalla was the lace (the first expulsion of Vinicius in 223 games with the Madrid first team) to a situation that is repeated repeatedly and in which the victim, Vinicius, usually receives treatment as severe or more severe than his aggressors. In Mallorca, where he received 10 fouls, he was booked much earlier (minute 44) than Maffeo (86′) and Raíllo (91′), who subjected him to intensive marking at the limit of the regulation. Vinicius, the player who receives the most fouls in the League (121, ahead of Robertone from Almeria’s 84), is, with 10 yellow cards, among the 20 players with the most cards in the championship.

Complaints with hardly any consequences and fewer results

After what happened yesterday Sunday, Vinicius directed his indignation towards LaLiga and He had a heated exchange of messages on Twitter with President Javier Tebas himself. Before it was Ancelotti who lamented that the complaints follow one another and fall on deaf ears. “Yes, complaints. And what happened? Nothing at all”, he said in the press room. Only so far this season (there were two others last season), LaLiga has denounced the racist chants against Vinicius before Antiviolencia in the Cívitas Metropolitano, Valladolid, Mallorca, El Sadar, Villamarín and the Camp Nou, in addition to the doll symbolizing Vinicius who, in the preview of the Cup derby, appeared hanging on a bridge near Valdebebas next to a banner that read ” Madrid hates Real”.

The consequences of those complaints have been limited, for the moment, to the proposed fines against some of the identified spectators and the prohibition of access to the stadiums for a certain period, generally, 4,000 euros and 12 months, respectively, in the low range of sanctions for acts classified as serious by the Anti-Violence Law in force, the 19th /2007. The case that has gone the furthest is that of Mallorca. The young man accused of insulting Vinicius in Son Moix testified before the judge on April 4 for an alleged hate crime. The judge also took a statement, by videoconference, from the Brazilian player.

Yes, some of the clubs involved have acted, in a private capacity and on their own initiative.. Real Valladolid opened a file on more than a dozen fans pointed out by Antiviolence and Real Mallorca expelled the subscriber (the one who had to testify in court) who uttered racist shouts against Vinicius and who was also identified, two days later, for uttering insults against Chukwueze in Mallorca-Villarreal.

Your colleagues support you

Vinicius received the support of his teammates at the end of the game. “That there continues to be racism in a field is inadmissible,” said Lucas Vázquez. Courtois supports radical measures if the Brazilian considers it appropriate. “Soccer has become going to insult and not to cheer. If Vini says he doesn’t play anymore, I’ll go with him. This cannot be tolerated”, affirmed the Belgian. Away from the Real Madrid locker room, expressions of support for Vinicius from Ronaldo, Mbappé, Ferdinand and the president of the Brazilian confederation (CBF) also issued messages in which they supported the Real Madrid player.

Ancelotti left another sentence for reflection. “On Wednesday (against lightning) Our fans cannot see Vinicius because one of the VAR invents an attack that does not exist “. It will be the third game that the Brazilian has missed this season. “Not even the ugliest midfielder in the League has ten yellow cards,” Ancelotti stressed when Vini saw the card with which he completed his second cycle. The first consequence of all the scandal in Mestalla will be suffered by the Bernabéu, which will be deprived of enjoying the magic of Vinicius on Wednesday…

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