There is a new MEO store with a proximity concept

MEO continues to expand the proximity concept to more Altice Portugal consumer brand stores. And the most recent is located in the heart of the Algarve, in the city of reservoir🇧🇷

In a statement, the operator mentions that this new space is located in the Albufeira Shopping Center🇧🇷 This is part of Altice Portugal’s commitment to improve the experience of all its customers through the modernization of its network of physical stores.


The new MEO store has 74.75 m², being quite wide. With this concept, there is no service desk that separates who serves from who is served.

The concept of proximity promotes closer and more emotional care

In this way, a closer and more emotional style of service is promoted, aimed at adapting the experience of each client to their consumption patterns and way of life.

The absence of physical barriers between customers and service professionals provides logistical conditions aimed at testing, on site, all the services and products presented in the MEO portfolio.


you can count on six service positions, which will be assumed by a total of fifteen Specialized professionals. This store in Albufeira will be open seven days a week.

Opening hours of the MEO store in Albufeira

From Monday to Sunday it will be open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. In this way, it allows all Albufeira residents to have a closer and more comfortable experience with the Grupo Altice logo.

This is one more of the MEO spaces in the country that already have this concept of proximity.

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