‘There is a global risk’: The new and dangerous Bill Gates prediction that alarms the world and urges ‘prepare humanity’

Tycoon Bill Gates is one of the personalities most often voicing their opinions on various topics of global interestas well as forecasts of what is to come in the future. The world is in a state of increasing social concern due to wars and high tension conflicts between countries, also in Europe with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Panic of nuclear war has been mounting and Microsoft’s founder has released a prediction that alarms the planet.

In August 1945, two atomic bombs hit the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. From that moment life changed forever and Not only because hundreds of thousands of people died or others suffered from the effects of the radiation caused by the explosives launched by the United States, but also because the rest of the planet’s powers have begun to make multiple efforts to achieve their goals own weapons nuclear.

This is Bill Gates’ new prediction: Warning of the ‘next threat that could wipe out thousands or millions of people’

“On a global scale, there is an associated risk: an arms race where AI can be used to plan and execute cyberattacks against other countries,” Gates explains in his personal blog Gates Notes, which he has spoken about extensively the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence, which he says will be the “final push” for countries to drop another nuclear bomb.

The tycoon wanted to highlight the dangerous new world that could be emerging. He explains that AI can be used to create a new Cold War in which powers develop very powerful technological weapons capable of wiping out the entire world. “Every government wants to have the most powerful technology to stop their opponents from attacking. This developmental incentive to let nobody lead everything can lead to a race to develop new and dangerous cyberweapons. Everything could be worse.

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He claims these weapons can move through the network without needing to become real, but the damage can be incredible given the development of a weapon capable of “hijacking” countries’ sensitive data or vital infrastructure , could cause the deaths of thousands or millions of people.

It’s not the first prediction about humanity that Bill Gates has made. After the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccines, in March he wanted to present his vision of the next great threat that would endanger humanity, stating that it would be “bioterrorism”, which he compared to a dangerous pandemic and what he described It was “a really horrible thing,” he told the BBC.

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