There is a big difference in prize money of IPL and WPL, know the prize money of each category of the winning team

The first women’s Premier League title has been in the name of the Mumbai Indians. With this title, the Mumbai Indians team got a huge prize money. The Mumbai Indians team received 6 crores as prize money. Although this amount is very less compared to IPL. Last time the IPL champion received a check totaling Rs 20 crore. Similarly, there is a huge difference in the prize money of each category of WPL and IPL.

By the way, there is also difference in the prize money of these two leagues. Actually, the audience of IPL is much larger than that of WPL. From IPL broadcasting rights to things like sponsorship, there are a lot more profits than WPL. In such a situation, BCCI cannot maintain the same prize money in both leagues.

winning team6 crores20 crores
runner-up team3 crores13 crores
Orange Cap Winner (Most Races)5 lakh rupees15 lakh rupees
Purple cap winner (most wickets)5 lakh rupees15 lakh rupees
Most Valuable Player of the Season5 lakh rupees15 lakh rupees
catch of the season5 lakh rupees12 lakh rupees
Emerging Player of the Season5 lakh rupees20 lakh rupees
power forward of the season5 lakh rupees15 lakh rupees

Compared to IPL 2022, the prize money can be increased in all categories in IPL 2023. The total prize money can be increased by 20-25%. Let us tell you that in the last IPL, a total of Rs 46.5 crore was distributed as prize money. In the coming days, the situation regarding the prize money of IPL 2023 will be clarified.

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