“There have been many years of breaking stone to get to Espanyol”

“In the places where I’ve been So far I’ve almost had to sweep the locker room”, he joked Manolo Gonzalezpresented this Tuesday at noon, at the Dani Jarque Sports City, as new coach of Espanyol B. A squad that will train at the same times and with the same philosophy as the pfo team led by Luis García. “The subsidiary becomes professional football in demand, dedication, in search of a performance that will make him be close to the first team”, proclaimed Fran Garagarzasports director

“The idea is to be close, mark a line, a working method, processes, maximum demand in terms of having to do more than what we are doing. We know how important the youth academy is at that club, what it has been and what we must achieve so that it continues to be”, reeled Garagarza, who warned: “Our pulse will not tremble with the boys from home”. “Illusion has to be generated, the boys from below must see boys who have arrived, who have participation,” she said. “We have to make football live,” she stressed, to sign off: “I want to have the Força d’un Sentiment very developed. That feeling of passion for being at Espanyol, for staying”.

González logically agrees that the subsidiary must “identify with what Espanyol has always been, that engages the fan. A team with game, honor, with people who felt the house. The boys must feel that being at Espanyol is the best there isthat they think that they do not have to go here, and that the jump to the first team is not great. There we also fit in with Luis (García) ”, the first team coach, with whom he agrees:“ We will work with an idea that helps the first team for when the players have to go up ”.

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“He is the coach we wanted, we had him very marked,” Garagarza said of Manolo González. “That point of being an experienced, young coach, especially with great enthusiasm. He has even had the chance to assess other things, and he has understood that Espanyol was the option that excited him, ”he analyzed. “Whatever happens, because you can also be relegated, Manolo is going to be the coach of Espanyol B for two years”he warned, about the secondary relevance of ascending to the First RFEF.

“The boys must feel that being at Espanyol is the best there is”

Manolo Gonzalez

“When Espanyol calls you, everything else is superfluous, at the level of illusion, desire, commitment, it will not be. It has been many years of chopping stone to reach a place like Espanyolthat since I was little I have marked it as my reference club ”, concluded the new coach of Espanyol B, formerly of Badalona, ​​Ebro or Peña Deportiva, who will have the former parakeet player and until now coach of Cadet B, Julián López de Lerma, as second.

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