“There are substitute footballers who do not play and earn more than me, who am Olympic gold”

Pedro Pablo Pichardo is one of the great figures of Portuguese athletics and sports after a spectacular season in which he managed to be the European Indoor Champion, win the Diamond League and win Olympic gold in the triple jump mode.

Nevertheless, in statements collected by the Portuguese portal O Jogo, Pichardo believes that he can still improve his brands. “In terms of the number of titles it was impossible to win more, but when I say to do something else I mean to improve the marks. In that aspect I feel a bit empty, because I think I could have done better jumps. I have already jumped over 18 meters and that is very rewarding. But I will only feel fulfilled when I break the world record. So far the brands that I have are not a big deal, and that means that I had settled for what I already achieved “

Pichardo regretted that in Portugal there are many people who prefer to dedicate themselves to football rather than athletics and he believes that this is due to economic reasons. “I think that the difference that young people prefer to practice soccer over athletics is a bit for economic reasons. For example, there are footballers who are substitutes and rarely play and who earn more money than me, who am an Olympic champion. And people think they are better than me. “

An economic inequality that Pichardo himself wanted to criticize, he no longer sees fair that a team’s place in the quarterfinals is valued more than his title. “I won a competition that is equivalent to the Champions League and few people know it. On the other hand, when the national team or a soccer team reaches the quarterfinals of a great championship, there is already a party.”

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