There are signs of foul play by Ferrari with Carlos Sainz: different treatment of Leclerc

The tension grows between the Italian team and the Spanish driver, who was again harmed at the Monaco GP

It is no longer a secret to anyone that the future of Carlos Sainz In Ferrari every day it looks more difficult. The problems between the team and the pilot began to be known in a petite committee, but in this way, Sainz has not taken long to uncover in public, with the Monaco Grand Prix as the high point.

I was fucking faster“, shouted the driver Carlos Sainz after seeing how Ferrari failed in its strategy, by making him enter just before Sebastian Ocon. Given his anger, the Italian team tried to explain that the decision was not due to an attempt to overcut Ocon, but rather to protect himself from Hamilton.

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Ferrari’s foul play will leave Carlos Sainz as the main affected

The situations that show that Ferrari wants to keep Carlos Sainz far away

I don’t know if the overcut had arrived, but extending always gives you the opportunityFirstly, because I had more than enough rhythm so that they didn’t undercut me. And then, I think that by extending you have the possibility of covering a safety car, the red flag or the rain ”, Sainz began by saying.

Due to a bad pit-stop by Esteban the team tried to close the overcut, we started a second behind, so we calculated, not very well. There I continued fourth when I thought there was an opportunity for more”, explained Carlos Sainz, visibly upset with the strategy carried out by Ferrari.

Lewis Hamilton, every day is closer to the Italian agenda

After he went off the track in the rain, Sainz watched as Ferrari bet on Leclerc, making him pit before him. ” To me the error has cost me more expensive. I lose position with Charles and then I have to stop behind him, so I lose even more time“.

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While the relationship between Ferrari and Carlos Sainz is becoming increasingly tensestrong comments are growing about the interest of the Italian team in Lewis Hamilton, who in a single season could collect 46 million euros, in addition to having a more competitive car than Mercedes’.

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