There are 400 thousand people in extreme poverty and 2.9 million in general poverty, according to Economy

The Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development (MEPyD) published this Tuesday the “Official statistics bulletin of monetary poverty in the Dominican Republic 2022”where he showed the new methodologies applied in the collection of data from 2016 to 2022.

The director of Poverty, Inequality and Democratic Culture, Rosa Cañete, reported that in 2022, the first year to represent a reduction in monetary poverty since the pandemic, more than 290 thousand Dominicans overcame the conditions of poverty.

Cañete pointed out that, according to the report, more than 400 thousand people were in conditions of extreme poverty and 2,942,555 inhabitants in conditions of general poverty.

The official indicated that with the current poverty measurement methodology, an average-sized household, that is, three people, is considered poor if it does not reach a monthly income of RD$22,176, RD$3,959 more than with the previous methodology.

He said that around 1,800,000 people were benefited from the School Feeding Program (PAE).

In addition, he assured that more than 456 thousand people ceased to be in poverty thanks to government transfers, PAE and monetary transfers.

Cañete declared that with the 2022 methodology the poverty gap between women and men dropped to 4.6 points percentage in 2021 and 3.6 in 2022.

Regarding regional poverty statistics, he stated that the Ozama region, which in the 2012 methodology was the second location with the highest percentage of poverty, It is the macro region with the highest incidenceaccounting for 34% of general poverty.

The southern region, which traditionally had a higher level of monetary poverty, became the second macro region with 27.6% and the eastern region with a general poverty rate of 24.5%.

Cañete reiterated that the data is published with the two methodologies from 2016 to 2022 to ensure transparency, but the results of one methodology and another cannot be compared, since they use different standards.

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