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Therapy with scare for the Barça

Therapy with scare for the Barça

Real Madrid and Barcelona they arrived in two radically different situations at the first european classic, second of the season. The white team added a full six victories, including the first title, the Super Cup, in direct duel with his eternal rival. The azulgrana, for his part, had started with half as many defeats, three out of six, including two particularly painful ones: the final in Seville and his debut in the Euroleague against Olympiacosabove all because it took place at the Palau. The plague of injuries and the adaptation of his reinforcements partly justified the hesitant start. It was not possible to speak of a crisis yet, because the course has just begun, because there is a lot of room to redirect the bad results. Basketball is a sport that usually always offers second chances. Or more. But without being in crisis, which there wasn’t, there was an atmosphere that Barça needed a prestigious victory to recover the sensations, to clear doubts, to get rid of those small thorns that can cause deep wounds if they are not tackled in time.

those of Saras Jasikevicius They came out very plugged into the game, driven by the heat of the stands; they played with more intensity than their opponent for much of the match, as evidenced by rebound dominance, a white quality; they enjoyed the express leadership of one of his great signings, Thomas Satoransky; and they showed they had learned lessons from the past, although not all… After leading by 18 points, the heart of Madrid was about to turn the scoreboard. Sergio Llull even had a winning shotafter three blunders by Nico Laprovittola… But the comeback was not consummated. The Barça took revenge, of a stroke, of his defeat in the first Clásico and of his bad debut in the Euroleague. There is no better therapy than beating the greatest rival. Even if it’s scary.

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