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Their 9-year-old son dies, the bank takes 138 euros for the closure of his booklet A

On the death of their nine-year-old son, a couple from Mios in Gironde decided to close their child’s A booklet. When they discovered that the bank had taken 138.20 euros from them in inheritance costs, the parents decided to appeal to an association, relates France Blue Monday, May 9. However, it is a quasi-automatic operation for the succession, explains the local media, even on behalf of a minor, and even for the booklet A, a free account.

In France, on the death of a loved one, the heir must pay bank inheritance fees necessary to transfer funds from the bank account of the deceased person to that of the heir. Fees vary from bank to bank. A very recent analysis by the consumer association CLCV had shown that these costs will reach an average of 230 euros in 2022 for an inheritance of 17,000 euros, i.e. between two and three times more than the rates charged in other European countries. And unlike inheritance tax, these bank deductions come into play from the first euro held in a bank account, with rates that are regularly contested by associations, and by certain politicians.

We must “stop this practice”, for “Eva for life”

For the president of the association “Eva for life”, Corinne Vedrenne, interviewed by France Bleu, taking such a sample in such a situation constitutes a “very violent act for a family which has just lost a child”. Especially since the booklet A is a special investment, with which “we project ourselves into the future of the child: to pay for his studies, his license”.

For the activist, it is necessary “to stop this practice”. Similarly, on the Twitter account of the association which relates this story, it is written “Immoral”. Contacted by our colleagues, the bank finally announced that it was making a commercial gesture.

Last January, the centrist senator Hervé Maurey had denounced, in connection with the bank succession fees charged by the banks, “heterogeneous tariffs, without transparency”, with “the customer (who) is not in a position to play the competition. The heirs have little choice in paying these fees”. inflation over the same period.


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