Thebes: "It is so dangerous what PSG does as the Super League"

With the transfer market over, all teams already have their squads closed. No more sticker changes are expected and, therefore, LaLiga presents together with Panini the collection of stickers for the 2021-22 season. At the event were Javier Tebas, president of the clubs, Lluis Torrent, general director of Panini, Fernando Sanz, director of international relations of the employer, Vicente Del Bosque, Carles Puyol and Milinko Pantic. All of them reviewed how this period of transfers has been, the new faces and the footballers from whom they expect a great season and their chrome should be kept for the memory.

A collection that turns half a century. Tebas, who used to collect them as a child, now continues the tradition in his family: “This year I bought the album for my 5-year-old grandson.” Lluis Torrent, general director of Panini: “It was the usual sile nole. You learned to negotiate because we said that some chrome was worth five because of how special it was. It is a milestone to turn 50 and we want to do 100“. The LaLiga collection is a classic in Latin America and is starting strong in the United States. In addition, it continues to expand and in 2-3 weeks it will arrive in Japan, Korea and China with the collection of the Spanish First Division.

Fernando Sanz, director of the LaLiga Legends: “When I saw myself for the first time on a chrome, I had the same illusion as the day I signed my first contract as a professional.” Another of those that appeared in Panini’s collections was Del Bosque: “It is a tradition and I follow it. This illusion should not be lost. It seemed that there were not going to be signings and then we have been pending. One way to enhance that illusion is with the stickers “. There are others who were looking for those from his club, like Puyol: “I collected all of them, but the ones I liked the most were those from Barcelona. When I retired they gave me a painting with all the stickers and I have it in my house.” And he adds: “In the changing rooms they also talk about stickers, we compare photos and there is joke.” Pantic found this tradition when he arrived in Spain: “He used to joke with Atlético B, saying” when you come out on the stickers you can talk to me. “

The guests did not hesitate to analyze some of the most desired stickers: “Simeone was the key last year and he will be this year. With the arrival of Griezmann, Atlético is the favorite to win LaLiga. There is no question, “Pantic said. About Vinicius, Del Bosque He pointed out his progress: “Every year he acquires greater responsibility and progresses. He corrects his mistakes. From experience he settles in his game. The notes from his first days are good. There are players who are revulsive. “While Puyol wanted to praise Ansu Fati:” We are going to see how he arrives, who has been injured for many months. Those who have played have been at a very high level. It is one of the great hopes that we have the culés “.

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LaLiga also has new faces like Alaba, Memphis Depay and De Paul. “The three are exciting for everyone,” says the former coach. While Puyol points to the Barça forward: “Memphis has entered very well and the culé is in need of happiness and is playing at a high level“. Fernando Sanz, for his part, spoke of the new white central defender:” Alaba is a very versatile footballer. He’s doing very well. “

Faced with this change in players, those who come and go, Javier Tebas announced that the new campaign will be very tight: “I think what is happening in recent seasons will continue. The championship is not going to decide until the last days. This situation is going to repeat itself, I don’t know if with Sevilla or other clubs. “And he adds:” I miss Sergio Ramos, Cristiano, Ronaldo … PSG seems like the league of legends due to the age of some players. We will solve the PSG problem. What PSG does is as dangerous as the Super League. We will continue to grow the same even if Messi is not there. We will work against the Club-states. The Super League is as much an enemy as those teams. “

Panini celebrates 50 years of collection and the ex-players looked for the best sticker of that time: “Messi is a player of stickers, of the neighborhood, of the street. He is the one who most. There will be opinions and then it will vary by the shirt,” reflected Del Bosque. Puyol, to change, pointed to another: “What Ronaldinho did, encouraged the whole club. But I would stay with Iniesta and Xavi if I had to decide on Spanish “. Pantic: “I have doubts between Ronaldo or Messi.” Fernando Sanz continued the Ronaldo debate: “I’ll stick with the Ronaldo who played for Madrid.”

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