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Thebes delves into the wound of the “Rubiales Fall” and sows more weeds

Thebes delves into the wound of the

You don’t have to dig much to see this Javier Tebas and Luis Rubiales never had a friendly relationship. The presidents of the Professional Football League (LFP) and the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) have discussed different areas of national football in recent years and that both organisms are distributed. underneath the television rights, the VAR and the arbitrations, the schedules or the transmission to Saudi Arabia for the Super Cup dispute in this country among many others.

The two top executives of the most commanding organizations in Spanish football are unable to meet to smooth things over and make peace. In fact, the Higher Sports Council and other organizations have offered to mediate between them, but to no avail. Of course, Tebas and Rubiales take every opportunity to blame each other by “X”, Elon Musk’s network, formerly known as Twitter.

The most recent example is what happened to the President of the RFEF and Jenni Hermoso as they celebrated the success of the Women’s World Cup. Rubiales did not resign at the Federation Extraordinary Assembly last Friday, the 25th, as many had expected Javier Tebas wasted no time in offering his take on the events in a lengthy Twitter thread.

“I have to admit that it was very difficult to explain what happened to Luis Rubiales in those years. I feel like a lot of people haven’t understood it until now.”to what the members of the football associations have to live with when dealing with him as President of the RFEF. The misogynistic gestures, the profane language, the protocol disaster, and the insults of this latest global embarrassment come as no surprise and they had obvious precedents that should have prevented a new victim (who shouldn’t be in the spotlight),” writes Tebas.

Add: “Insults, bragging, blackmail, threats, espionage and persecution, fraudulent use of federal agencies, we suffer and have denounced many: Professional football for men and women, futsal, amateur football clubs, football associations, territory presidents, presidents of the Higher Sports Council, integrity directors, ministers, referees, players… The list of women and men wronged by Luis Rubiales during these years is long and great and this has to stop.”

The LaLiga strongman insists: “Rubiales is interested in lying and portraying me as a conspirator in order to hide in a false equidistance and avoid his scandals and excesses. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although the gross victimization.” The trick has worked on him too many times, this time it’s just ridiculous to keep trying“It is impossible to attribute his misogynist and despicable behavior to an absurd conspiracy when the damage to the reputation of Spanish football as a whole is already inevitable.”

A day later, FIFA suspended Rubiales from his duties and Today, Thebes attacked again through the same social network. The President of the LFP accuses the President of the RFEF of “looking for “friends” for their party in a chalet in Salobreña during a “work meeting” in a discotheque and he wonders if this situation would have arisen if the relevant estates had listened to his warnings: “I said so on Friday and I insist that I believe the starting point for joint reflection is whether this point could have been avoided. How and why have the leaders of a federation survived in which consideration for women consists of looking for “friends” for their party in a chalet in Salobreña during a “work” meeting in a discotheque?. What went wrong that nobody wanted to listen to all of us who denounced this and other behaviors?

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