Ángel Dior, Mar Rendón, Teo, Mario Bautista, Young Miko and Villano Antillano are some of the “musical promises” that are being debated for the award at the Heat Latin Music Award.

The award, which celebrates Latin music, also nominated in this category foreign artists such as Elena Rose, Dayanara, ADSO, Paopao, who have recently taken off and are ready to “give it their all” in their musical projects.

Some of this figure made an appearance at the Face to Face with the press organized by the award producers where they let their expectations of the award be known.


“I feel good. We were given thanks to God and to you, beloved public”, thus expressed his emotion for this nomination at the Heat Latin Music Awards, which will take place this Thursday, June 8.

The Dominican exponent also indicated that he would be including “new colors” in his musical repertoire. He anticipated that he would soon be releasing a romantic Afrobeat where he will be giving the public a chance to appreciate his voice more.

He was enthusiastic about the award and stated that he will take it because “he who is with God kicks the Saints”.

Likewise, he informed that an album and a tour for Europe are coming, in addition to presentations in the country.

The interpreter of “Pipiripiropi” advised young people who dabble in music not to give up, because “if I could, you can.” He also urged them to “study, give support to the street, there is nothing on the street.”


Teo, the urban singer and son of the Colombian singer Fanny Lu, who is also nominated, expressed gratitude and happiness for his nomination.

In turn, he also expressed the desire to collaborate with new artists and expand his musical repertoire.

He spoke about his new song titled “Ego” and said that although at first he felt a bit overshadowed by his mother’s figure, but over time “he became a source of pride.”

“My mother was the person who raised me, who taught me to be a person before an artist. She makes me happy that she knows her and that they appreciate her, ”she pointed out.

mar rendon

For his part, Rendón expressed his excitement at participating for the first time in an award ceremony and being nominated as “Musical Promise”, and he saw it as an opportunity to make his music known.

He also talked about his latest single titled “Te Arde” a mix of pop rock that promises to be an anthem for “everyone who felt that they wanted to dim their shine.

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