The Zodiac killer finally identified? The FBI not convinced

Has the mystery of the serial killer who terrorized California 50 years ago been solved? This is what asserts a group of forty ex-private detectives, retired police officers and former FBI agents, who announced Wednesday that they had identified the “Zodiac killer”. Who would be a man who died in 2018, Gary Francis Poste. But authorities are not convinced, as is a computer scientist who deciphered one of the coded messages left by the Zodiac killer last year, that 20 minutes questioned.

According to Case Breakers, Gary Francis Poste, a former US Air Force soldier, is the author of the murder of a woman, Cheri Jo Bates, near Los Angeles, in 1966, stabbed 46 times and found ” almost beheaded ”. This murder occurred two years before the first officially attributed to the Zodiac Killer, near San Francisco.

Coded messages that are difficult to decipher

Problem, Riverside police have already categorically ruled out that Cheri Jo Bates’ death is linked to the Zodiac. And on Wednesday, a representative assured the San Francisco Chronicle that Gary Francis Poste was not the author. Members of Case Breakers are calling for DNA tests to prove their claims, an expertise police are refusing for now.

The FBI, meanwhile, said the Zodiac case was “still open” and there was “nothing new to report.” A source from the federal office told the Chronicle that the evidence put forward was not convincing – the similarities between Gary Francis Poste’s forehead wrinkles and a Zodiac composite including a supposed scar appear to be slight.

The computer scientist David Oranchak, who participated last year in the decryption of one of the coded messages left by the serial killer, is not more convinced. He explains to 20 minutes that the method used by Case Breakers, which includes generating anagrams from the original messages, produces many false positives. The Zodiac, adapted by David Fincher for the cinema in 2007, has probably still not revealed its secrets.

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