In Japan, a man lost 40 million yen in a gamble by mistake under the government’s Corona Support Scheme.

According to local media, municipal authorities in the town of Abu Nama in Yamaguchi province were to pay 100,000 yen per family to deal with the corona epidemic in 463 households in the town under a government scheme, but municipal officials on April 8 last month. He had mistakenly deposited 46.3 million yen in the personal account of a 24-year-old man and the man kept withdrawing 600,000 yen from his account every day for two weeks.

However, when municipal officials realized their mistake and contacted the young man, he said that he no longer had the money but was ready to cooperate with the police.

According to local media, authorities have filed a lawsuit against the 24-year-old for 51 million yen, including legal fees. Authorities did not identify the man, whose lawyer told a news conference Monday that his client had used his smartphone to gamble through online casino sites.

He further added that the said person lives alone and no one else is involved in this whole affair.

According to British media, now the authorities believe that after the establishment of the case, the man has escaped and he cannot be contacted. However, the accused’s lawyer denied the allegations, saying that the police had confiscated his client’s phone when he had voluntarily answered questions in April and May.

Abu Mayor Nooriehko Honda has apologized to the rest of the town’s residents, saying he was “deeply ashamed” of the mistake and that his office would do its best to recover the money.