The young man died suddenly while watching the movie

In India, there has been a tragic incident of the death of a young boy in which he died suddenly while watching a movie.

A software engineer from Khammam district of Hyderabad, India, died of a heart attack while watching a movie in a cinema in Hyderabad.

According to Indian media yesterday, 26-year-old Murali Krishna fell on his seat while watching a movie, his friends got scared and rushed him to the hospital, doctors said that he was already dead. Doctors said that the young man died of a heart attack.

After informing the family members, the friends shifted the body to Madhira. Friends say that Murali Krishna was not even under any intoxication. He was based in Hyderabad and got a job in a company. Thinking that he might not get leave after joining the job, he went to watch a movie with his friends when death caught him.

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