The young helicopter maker died during the trial

According to Indian media, during the trial there was a tragic incident in the Ayot Mahal district of the state of Maharashtra, where a young man who was building a helicopter was killed during the trial, who had worked hard for two years to build a helicopter.

Already during the trial, the helicopter crashed due to a technical failure and the young Ismail died sitting in it.

According to the report, Ismail was educated until the eighth grade and worked as a mechanic, making a living repairing various appliances such as cupboards and portable refrigerators.

While working as a mechanic, Ismail dreamed of building a helicopter and after two years of hard work, he had almost finished the job on the helicopter. After the test began, the helicopter motor was running at 750 amps. The rear fan broke and hit the top fan, causing the helicopter to crash.

According to the locals, Ismail dreamed that one day he would build a helicopter to make the town famous, but his dream was not fulfilled.

Ismail’s friends said he was preparing to launch his helicopter on August 15. He wanted the helicopter to be used for relief work during floods and other disasters.

According to the police, Ismail had been building a single-seater helicopter for the past two years, while his dream was to build a six-seater helicopter for just Rs 3 million.

Police say he always wore a helmet, but did not wear it during the trial and suffered a serious head injury at the time of the accident, which led to his death.

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