The wretched son threw the mother down from the college building

California: In America, an unfortunate son threw his mother off a college building and killed her, later jumping himself.

According to the American media, a former student of the University of California jumped to his death by throwing his mother from the campus building.

The mother and son died in the fall from the building, which police investigators said was a murder-suicide.

According to Irvine police, the incident happened Tuesday when police arrived on the university campus to find the bodies of 77-year-old Thao Thai Gwen and her son Andrew Gwen Duan, 36, on the ground in Social Science Plaza B.

Police said in a statement that the investigation revealed that Duane picked up the mother, Gwen, and threw her off a high-rise building, after which Duane also jumped to her death.

Duane was known to have mental health issues and was contacted by Irvine police in 2019, according to the Orange County District Attorney. Duane also pleaded guilty in 2020 to sexually assaulting his roommate at a mental hospital What was admitted?

Doan was also sentenced to 156 days in jail and three years on probation, which expired in July.

Doan studied biological sciences from 2017 to 2019, but did not graduate, while her mother was not affiliated with the school, according to a university spokesperson.

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