The worst team in the five major European leagues

After finishing the first round of the season, what has been the worst team in the five major European leagues? How many games have you won and in which league do you play?

Therefore, after examining the last classified of the five major European leagues, we have been able to affirm that the Greuther furth German is the worst team in the major leagues in Europe.

After 17 days played, right on the equator of the Bundesliga, the Greuther furth adds only five points. His records are of one win, two draws and 14 defeats in domestic competition, where he has chained a streak of thirteen consecutive defeats.

In addition, it is not only the lowest scoring team in Germany, but it is also the team that has conceded the most goals in the major European leagues. In 17 days, the Greuther furth has fitted 49 points, almost three goals against on average per game.


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