The world’s oldest woman died at the age of 118

The world's oldest woman died at the age of 118

The world’s oldest woman French nun Sister Andre has died at the age of 118 years.

According to foreign media, the French nun Lucille Rendon, who was known in the world as Sister Andre. After reaching the age of 118 years, she left the world, after which the honor of the world’s longest living woman has been given to a Spanish woman.

Lucille Rendon was born on February 11, 1904 in France in the early twentieth century. He saw two world wars in his long life. Saw the sunset of many kingdoms and saw the formation of many. Two pandemics that wreaked havoc around the world faced and fought the 1918 Influenza and the 2019 Corona Virus.

One of the secrets of Lucille’s longevity was that she kept herself busy until she was 108 years old. She also used to teach dance to children.

However, at the end of her life, Sister Andre was bedridden and dependent on others. In an interview a month ago, he said that he felt old age was bad because he could no longer do any work.

With Rendon’s death, the title of the world’s oldest woman has gone to Spanish woman María Branis Moreira, who is currently 115 years old.