The world must prepare for more intense heat waves

The UN warned on Tuesday that the world must prepare for more intense heat waves, at a time when several areas of the northern hemisphere experience sweltering temperatures that have caused fires and threaten the health of the population.

“Situations like these will continue to grow in intensity, and the world needs to prepare for more intense heat waves,” John Nairn, a World Meteorological Organization (WMO) expert on extreme heat, told reporters in Geneva.

“The recently declared El NiƱo phenomenon will only amplify the incidence and intensity of extreme heat waves“, he indicated.

The heatwave that affects the northern hemisphere continued on Tuesday with active fires in Greece and the United States and a possible temperature record for the European continent on the Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily.

The health authorities have issued heat alerts in the United States, Europe and Asia, and remember that it is necessary to hydrate and protect yourself from the sun, in a new illustration of the direct effects of global warming.

“One of the remarkable phenomena that we have observed is that the number of simultaneous heat waves in the northern hemisphere has increased sixfold since the 1980s. This trend shows no sign of abating,” said the WMO expert.

According to experts, greenhouse gases that trap heat They are responsible for climate change.

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