The world could remain without internet “indefinitely”: This is the incredible solar storm coming to Earth

In a world as globalized and advanced as today, our dependence on technological infrastructures such as power grids, communications systems and satellites is increasing. Something that is, however, a double-edged sword We are becoming vulnerable beings to the effects of large geomagnetic storms, and a global explosion of the Internet network would result in the inability to perform the vast majority of our daily actions. This is what scientists fear and what, According to experts, it could happen soon and “indefinitely.”

In early November this year, the Northern Lights were observed at surprisingly low latitudes, as far away as Italy and Texas. Phenomena that were the consequence of the effects of a mass ejection on the Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere.

That’s all This is due to the fact that dark spots appear on the surface of the Sun every eleven years, caused by changes in its magnetic field. This can lead to solar explosions and storms powerful enough to destroy life on the surface, according to a new study from the IISER Kolkata Center of Excellence in Space Sciences in India “The next solar maximum could occur sometime in 2024, potentially having dire consequences for all of us.”

A solar storm could leave the world without internet: That’s what experts say

Like Dr. Dibyendu Nandi, a physicist at the centre, told Mail Online the storms are the fiercest “can sometimes cause catastrophic decay of the orbit of satellites in low Earth orbit and disrupt satellite-based services.”such as communication and navigation networks”.

“They can also cause strong disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field, triggering power grids in high-latitude regions. Of course, they also produce beautiful auroras, so we can expect 2024 to be a good year for aurora hunters,” he says. claims that the Sun’s dipole field “increases and decreases approximately in antiphase to the sunspot cycle”but that during the minimum of the solar cycle, when almost “no sunspots are observed on the Sun, the intensity of the dipole field is maximum.”

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It wouldn’t be trivial. A solar flare last year caused a solar event that resulted in a radio blackout on Earth. According to SpaceWeather, the radiation burst particularly affected Southeast Asia and Australia and caused a small radio blackout.

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