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The world champion set a condition for his return

The World Cup achieved a few weeks ago remained an anecdote compared to the kiss of Jenni Hermoso, which led the world champion to impose a condition for returning to the Spanish national team

The Rubiales case had consequences on a social and legal level, but also on a football level. The proof is what happened The World Champion and his refusal to return there Spanish selection. A rejection that was maintained despite the resignation of the former president of the RFEF and the dismissal of Jorge Vilda as Spanish coach.

This surprised the association’s new board, as they expected the players to react positively to the changes made. However, that wasn’t the case, and now we know it What conditions does the world champion have for a return?. A condition that the RFEF is obliged to comply with.

The world champion has set a condition for his return
The Spanish national team players will not return yet

The world champion’s condition to return to the Spanish national team

As we have commented, The changes made to the RFEF after the Rubiales case were not enough. The departure of Jorge Vilda was not enough to solve all the problems that the players had to deal with every time they joined the Spanish national team, and now they have all come together to put an end to the injustices.

In the last few hours the association has learned that the players have refused to return to the Spanish national team. The reason is The world champion is aiming for structural changes. And if these changes are not achieved, they believe that there will continue to be a tense climate caused by all those workers who continue despite the fact that the Rubiales era has come to an end.

The proper names requested by the players came from the Spanish national team

As we knew The world champion wants Andreu Camps out. This is the Secretary General of the RFEF who has never shown flexibility in the various negotiations he has conducted with the players. Therefore, they assume that if they do not leave the Federation, the unrest will continue.

Additionally, The world champions also want the communications department out. And they consider the spread of Jenni Hermoso’s false statement to be a very serious fact. Now we just have to wait and see how the situation will be resolved, but the RFEF already knows the conditions for the return of footballers to the Spanish national team.

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