The women’s futsal team is already looking towards the World Cup

three continental stars shines the Spanish women’s futsal team in their showcases and three of their creators visited the AS newsroom last Tuesday with the Euro Cup trophy that they raised last weekend in Debrecen. In the Hungarian town they reconquered their throne of the Old Continent, the third consecutive, to vindicate a Spanish futsal that is in good health. luci (Poio Pescamar), Laura Cordoba (Futsi Navalcarnero) and a small (Burela) who was named ‘MVP’ of the tournament accompanied the coach, Claudia Pons, at the meeting to discuss the recent success. “Portugal said that ‘the third time was the charm’, and we said that ‘there are not two without three’. It was a very demanding semifinal and it fell again for us. The final was not easy. Ukraine knew they would have a chance and they were going for it. If they get ahead they lock up, and if you go behind it can make it difficult for you. It was important to start scoring and we did it after 19 seconds”, Pons explained about the unbreakable mentality of his group and the development of the matches.

The result of a phase of “long-term work” has been unbeatable, with a Added value to highlight: most of the players who are dedicated to futsal do not make a living from it. Laura is studying physiotherapy, Luci has passed some State management exams and Peque is studying a master’s degree in sports management. The day before the final, with the players studying in the hotel hall, perfectly reflects the merit of the feat. “We are getting closer, but still far from professionalization. A few years ago it was unthinkable that all the players received an economic benefit. Today, they all receive it. It is not to live from it, but it helps to make it compatible with studies or work. I know that there are many clubs that are interested in making agreements”, details Pons.

Visit of the European futsal champions to the AS newsroom.
Visit of the European futsal champions to the AS newsroom.Juan AguadoACE DAILY

In sports, there are several challenges ahead. The first of them, maintaining the European throne that will be put back into play in 2025 on the occasion of a Euro Cup that intends to take another step in its growth. “I would change the format a bit. There would be a qualifying phase, but instead of a final to four it would be a final to eight (equivalent to a quarterfinal)”, confirmed the coach, who also spoke about what would be the second great challenge that this unstoppable team has ahead of them: “When confirmed that there would be a Women’s World Cup we didn’t believe it. It is a dream that will come true. We are looking forward to it.” FIFA has not yet ruled on the venue, format and date of the competition, although two scenarios are being handled: one would be to hold it in 2024, like the Men’s World Cup, while the other would place the tournament in 2026.

Until then we will settle, and it is not little, with enjoying our fourteen champions in a League that progresses in repercussion. “With more visibility, more powerful sponsors will arrive, but it costs. Little by little an agreement will be reached with the televisions so that we have a slot in which at least one match of each day is broadcast”, they assure. The fighting spirit, hallmark of these players, will remain intact.

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