The woman’s rush, the heartbreaking accident at the train station

HYDERABAD: A woman’s rush at a train station in the Indian state of Telangana has caused a shocking scene, which was captured with a CCTV camera at the station.

According to details, a woman attempted to board a moving train at the Secunderabad, Telangana train station on Friday morning and fell seriously and was crushed under the train’s wheels.

CCTV footage shows a train at a train station, police officers on high alert and a burqa-clad woman fleeing and trying to board the train.

An official from the Railway Protection Force, later identified as Dinesh Singh, who also received an award from the authorities for saving the life of a woman with diligence and alertness, guided the woman out of here. an eye on them.

But a woman named Naseem Begum hurriedly jumped out the door of the train and tried to climb and could not keep her balance, the next moment she fell into the space between the train and the platform that was moving terribly.

She would have been crushed under the iron wheels, of course, but a passenger at the door quickly grabbed her hand and, on the other hand, the policeman grabbed her, dragged her and saved her from falling.

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