The woman who killed Spaniard Jorge Carreño in Oxford over a sexual fantasy has been sentenced to life in prison

The 26 year old Scarlet Blake She was sentenced to life in prison last week for the 2021 murder of the Spaniard in Oxford Jorge Martin Carreno, whom he beat and threw into the river in July 2021 in a sexually motivated crime. The 30-year-old young man from the Canary Islands, an electrical engineer who worked at the city’s BMW factory, had gone out at night with his colleagues after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. When he returned home, he became separated from his circle of friends and met Blake in Radcliffe Square. According to the Oxford court, the young woman led him to a remote bank of the River Cherwell, a tributary of the Thames, hit him over the head with a vodka bottle, tried to strangle him and pushed him into the water, where he drowned.

Blake, who is transgender, must serve at least 24 years before being considered for a sentence reduction, the judge said Martin Chamberlain at the announcement of the verdict. The court previously heard how the woman, formerly known as Alice Wang, came to the UK from China at the age of nine and how he revealed his transgender identity to his parents at the age of twelve. Blake confessed that it “made my father and mother very unhappy” and “caused a major emotional breakdown.”

In addition to murder, he confessed that he had committed a crime of harm for killing a cat months earlier in an action that he broadcast live on the Internet. The judge said a Netflix show about killing cats influenced the young woman to commit the crimes.

Chamberlain clarified his verdict, noting that the murder of the young man, who was found dead on July 26, was “the culmination of a plan which he had deliberated and formulated for months” and that it was his personal pleasure and that of his ex-girlfriend pursued. Ashlynn Bell. “He decided to kill someone because he thought Ashlynn Bell would find it sexually arousing, which she did,” he said.

“So there was a clear sexual motivation for the murder. “You also believed that the experience of killing a human being would give you pleasure, sexual or otherwise,” the judge continued. “I’m sure he enjoyed killing Jorge, just as he enjoyed killing the cat.” Chamberlain claimed that “the decision to kill Jorge was not a reaction to anything he said or did, it wasn’t a momentary mistake, it wasn’t a decision made out of anger or because his emotions got the best of him,” but rather something planned.

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The judge noted that it was not possible to determine exactly how Blake killed him, “whether he hit him in the back of the head with a bottle of vodka or something else he had in his backpack.” He then “strangled him him by applying pressure to the blood vessels just under the jaw with his hands or a ligature, and then threw him into the river where he drowned,” he added.

The judge said that during the trial Blake tried to falsely implicate Bell in the massacre and that his explanations about his childhood difficulties or his alleged multiple personalities were aimed at “rationalizing what happened.” Prosecutors said the girl, then 23, had an “extreme interest in death” and obtained sexual gratification through violence and killing cats, which she captured on video.

The mother of the murdered young man and his two brothers spoke in court after the verdict was read. “We were triplets, we were born together, we grew up together, we were best friends. Jorge brightened up every place, he always spread joy. “Above all, he was a good person,” emphasized his brothers. “Scarlet Blake has shown no remorse for her actions, which makes it even more difficult to process.” She took Jorge’s life for her own sexual pleasure. “It’s deeply disturbing to know.”

Carmen CarrenoFor his part, he said he felt the loss of his son “like a traumatic, devastating blow that leaves a void that cannot be filled.” Enduring the pain of losing a child or brother under such tragic and unjustified circumstances is a test no family should face. Today his absence leaves a deep wound in our hearts.

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