The woman who had an abortion and threw the fetus in a dumpster was convicted

An adult woman was convicted of abortion and drug abuse fetus in one Container of city waste Saint Joseph May.

The incident occurred around 11pm on February 13 when police were alerted to the discovery by a call to Section 2.

The troops from Zone 1 of the San José Police Headquarters went to Larrañaga and Oribe streets. At the scene, a scavenger told them that he had found a human fetus in a nylon bag in the container. After checking the find, police confirmed that he had no vital signs.

The investigative police took over the case on the orders of the responsible district public prosecutor’s office. Through police work, an adult woman was identified as the person responsible. She was summoned and attended the section accompanied by her partner. The woman told officers that due to her economic and family situation, she decided to terminate her pregnancy by purchasing a pill. After the abortion, she decided to throw the fetus in a nylon bag into the waste bin.

At the request of the public prosecutor, the judge ordered a prison sentence of three months, to be punished with precautionary measures such as the establishment of the address and the obligation to appear in the department once a week and to comply with the provision of community services.

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