‘The woman Tara Singh is Seema Haider…’ Gadar 2 director said of woman who fled Pakistan

Seema Haider, who left Pakistan and came to India for her love, is still part of the headlines these days. What country has Seema left her home for love? Seema’s story is nothing short of a movie. Seema’s story reminds me of Gadar. How Tara Singh went to Pakistan for his wife and child. Gadar director Anil Sharma talks about Seema. He said that he considers Seema as Tara Singh from Gadar.

In an interview with Aaj Tak, Anil Sharma spoke about Seema Haider and Gadar. He praised Seema and said that she is very brave. She came to India to meet her love. That is where the boy accepted Seema along with the children. She has come a long way for love, she should be welcome here.

Anil Sharma named Seema as female Tara Singh. He said: I would call that girl the female version of Tara Singh. She had so much courage that she came here without caring about anyone. This is not easy. She may not have fallen in love after watching the movie, but after watching the movie she must have had courage, she must have had courage from Tara Singh. If they can do it, why can’t I?

Tell them that Seema Haider had come to India with her four children. Seema and Sachin met in 2019 through the online game PubG. Both had first friendship and then love. This year they both met in Nepal in March and got married there. After that she returned to her country. Now Seema had reached India via Nepal on May 13.

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