The woman killed her lover’s two-year-old son

In India, a woman killed her two-year-old son for her lover and watched the movie ‘Drisham’ to avoid arrest.

According to Indian media reports, a woman killed two and a half hundred children in Gujarat’s Surat district and filed a missing child complaint.

After registering the case, the police searched for the child for three days and the woman herself continued to search for the child along with the police but could not find any trace of her.

Police suspected the woman during investigation and later arrested her.

Police also used a dog squad to search for the missing child, but found no evidence that the child had escaped the construction site alive.

The woman accused her lover, who lives in Jharkhand, of kidnapping her child.

Police contacted the woman’s lover but could not trace his location near Surat. He informed the police that he had never been to Surat.

The woman later revealed that she had dumped the body in a pit made for a toilet at the construction site, from where the child’s body was recovered.

Ajay Devgn’s movie "”Drisham” has a scene where the body is disposed of after the murder and the case remains unsolved without any arrest.

The woman believed that by following this method the police would not be able to catch her and she could meet her lover in Jharkhand.

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