Toni Bou visited us this Tuesday in the drafting of AS with a nice poster where the image of a wolf and the number 30. With the same voracity of this animal, the predator Bou has maintained in 2021 its habit of devouring the Trial World Cups two by two, indoor and outdoor, during 15 consecutive years, to add a round record. His dominance is so great that he is already having a hard time remembering all those successes. If you know the total count of partial victories in both championships, 194, because he has reviewed his record recently and because another nice number has been set for next season: 200. But we propose you a memory game, and you don’t remember all of them. There are too many.

Bou also does not visualize all his motorcycles, surely more than a hundred, perhaps twice as much. Their numbers are so dizzying, and their authority so imposing, that the real unknown that looms in the future is knowing where your limit is. How many more titles will he be able to win? How much more years will his physique endure in the elite? Who will go down in the history of international trials as its executioner? Bou may not be the most media champion or the most recognized, nor is his motor discipline the most practiced nor the most followed, but he is undoubtedly a champion of the sport. Do you know someone else with 30 World Cups? Piera’s driver makes it so easy, almost like a habit, that we can fall into the error that it really is simple, but stop for a moment and think what it means to win almost two hundred times at anything. And that’s only counting the World Championships, which later also have Spain, Europe, the Nations… If no one has ever done it before, nor has it come close to it, it will be for a reason. Toni Bou is a unique competitor.


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