Again Wings for Life World Run has been a success. 161,892 people have gathered around the world to participate in this solidarity race. Runners and fans from 192 nations, in a total of 165 countries, have run together to raise funds for research into a cure for spinal cord injuries. An appointment that makes it possible for all of us to run for those who cannot in the funniest way.

At 1:00 p.m. Spanish time this race began, with the face-to-face appointments in Madrid and Valencia. After thirty minutes, and thanks to the App Run, the Catcher Car warned the participants that they were beginning to be chased. Thus, meter by meter, the virtual car has been reaching them until finishing with the last finisher. At the international level, the winners have been Jo Fukuda and Nina Zarina, who completed 64.4 km and 56 km respectively.

Everyone was able to enjoy a spectacular atmosphere, accompanied by the best music and a refreshment point to regain strength. The day was also good, and the sun was shining at both points of the organized races. Eight editions of a different race that brings everyone together and that is not only fun but also charitable. With more than 160,000 participants around the world, 4.7 million have been raised for the Wings for Life Foundation in 2022.

One more year, the support of high-level athletes has been indisputable. Not everyone was able to join the face-to-face appointments and ran through the App from different parts of the world. Carlos Sainz, Alberto Ginés, Cristina Gutiérrez… The one who was present was the Olympic skater Danny León. “I really wanted to be part of this race in 2022. It hasn’t been easy to get here after my injury and, although I have not been able to cover a great distance, in this race every kilometer adds up. Hopefully every year we will be more members of this great family that is Wings For Life World Run”.


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